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May 20, 2009


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Today is the first official day of getting this Ethnofilms blog site up.

So, please hang in here with me until I know what and can state my Ethnofilms Blog Theatre purpose (It’s like I do most things, I take the “ritual of discovery” approach of jumping right in and figuring it out as I go).

Now let’s see…Hmm.

In Milwaukee after a "Benny the Chef" video shoot

In Milwaukee after a "Benny the Chef" video shoot


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  1. It’s been, um, 2 years since I posted anything on this blog… Sounds like I’m a slacker but I’ve been busy in other ways. I think I get it how I should use this extremity to my work now and believe I know how to get this blog stuff to another level. I’ve been working on many things for a long time, wanting to record it on paper or video or something but I realized all my preparation is only driven by my fears. So, it’s time. Throw all that away and make a connection to whoever is out there and interested in this odd pursuit. I don’t think it will be the usual blog by far. Regardless, today marks the beginning of a place I will set up to be part of my unusual ethno-study (on me, by gosh!). I think it may end up being more of an ethnography on the rest of my life. So, at the mention of that, I suspect that it will be conceived and believed (but I disagree with the trend) that such a revelation of personal world views and events documented by the ethnographer on their own holistic life experiences should be classified as an “auto-ethnography.” Maybe they’d be right but I think it’s just me as an informant talking to no-one but me as the ethnographer keeping a personal record. Sounds like a journal. But, we’ll see. I think an auto-ethnography is a holistic view of your world that includes other informants input. Anyhow, I would love to somehow make it be not only scientific or even artistic but have it be something more about my life until it’s end.

    Please give me some latitude here, I’m only beginning to explore this “free write” of my mind and life journey. Thanks.

    Comment by Stacy — June 16, 2016 @ 4:16 pm

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