Waiting for Jerry - the movie by Stacy W. Thornton
 Based on a true story about a singer-songwriter that winds up at an after-concert party with the Grateful Dead.
It was April 3, 1982 at the Norfolk Scope.
After break, the band returned to the stage.
Though Jessie had finally made it down from the nose bleed section, the crowd wall severly hampered her view of the stage.
She grabbed hold of Beth and squeezed their way to the front.  Oddly, the crowd was parting a path for her.
Beth cried out, "No.  Jerry stands over there..."  But Jessie didn't listen.  Destiny was driving her forward.
On stage, Jerry seemed engrossed in something.  His eyes scanned the crowd.  He began staring at something.
He walked toward Phil.  No words were spoken.  Just a nod.
And the audience witnessed an event.
Jerry and Phil switched places on stage.
The girls reached the front of the stage and looked up...
Jerry was standing right in front of Jessie.
Beth blurted "oh my god."  She glanced at Jessie.
A chill shot through her being.  It was as if Jerry had been already waiting for Jessie.
The the music exploded from this great American-made band.  Set the hall on fire.
Soon the tempo changed and Jerry began to sing.
No smile.  Just a penetrated eye.  Piercing straight through Jessie's soul.
His words entered her ears.  Traveled deep into the hidden solitude of her mind.  Jessie felt naked before him.
Stella Blue (click title to hear the actual song Jerry sang that night recorded by an audience member)
All the years combine
they melt into a dream
A broken angel 
from a guitar

In the end there's just a song
comes crying like the wind
through all the broken dreams
and vanished years
Stella Blue
Jerry moved toward Jessie.  His head tilted.  His eyes glistening.  Beseeching.  Bewaring.
Jessie's heart skipped.  Was Jerry singing about...her?
When all the cards are down
there's nothing left to see
There's just the pavement left
and broken dreams

In the end there's still that song
comes crying like the wind
down every lonely street
that's ever been
Stella Blue
Jessie's fears closed in on her.  Came silently screaming out between the musical crevaces of the dark and light.
"No!  That won't happen to me!  I won't let it!"

I've stayed in every blue-light cheap hotel
Can't win for trying
Dust off those rusty strings just
one more time
Gonna make em shine

It all rolls into one
and nothing comes for free
There's nothing you can hold
for very long

And when you hear that song
come crying like the wind
it seems like all this life
was just a dream

Stella Blue
The prophet had spoken.  But his words must be wrong.  This was not her destiny.  She swore it.  She would not be like Stella Blue.
Jessie was now more determined than ever.  If she could just find a way to sing her songs to Jerry.  That would do it.
And it had to be right now.  Now or never.  She would find some way to sing her songs to Jerry.  Tonight.
Jessie called out to Beth...
to be continued...

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Dennis McNally & Bob Weir for their willing support to serve as my mentors for the writing of my screenplay. I am forever grateful and will do my best to get it made into a movie.

The Screenplay's Research Links:

(the following invaluable sources were some of the references used for creating the most historically accurate and culturally realistic Grateful Dead fans experience)

Listen to the entire Grateful Dead concert from that night in history at Archive.Org
A Long Strange Trip: the Inside History of the Grateful Dead by Dennis McNally
Mythology of the Grateful Dead by Joseph Campbell (Scholar/Theologian/Author of A Hero of a Thousand Faces).
A good sampling of Beat Generation script references found at Key-Z home page: Kesey; Kerouac; Ginsburg; Cowboy Neal; Magic Bus and the Acid Test
Another great Beat Generaton resource page at LitKicks
Grateful Dead Home Page  Read about all the Dead members as they were and are today.  Very cool stuff.
Annotated Stella Blue by David Dodd
Searching for the Sound by Phil Lesh (title link is book on sale at Barnes & Noble currently)
Bob Weir & Ratdog Home Page: see what Weir is up to these days...a true Rock Royalty Icon/Veteran and great human being still going strong.
Phil Lesh Home Page.  Don't even think this guy was ever "just a bass player."  Multi-talented philosopher and all around big-hearted guy.
Norfolk Scope the real concert hall that hosted the Grateful Dead
Historical capsule of the Grateful Dead in American pop culture history
more forthcoming...
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