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This is the place to view clips, trailers, full-length projects and special announcements. Click film titles to secret portals...

(Note:  In the future, each project will lead to its own page.  Until then, make sure to visit the "projects" link above for specifics on each.)

Current Film Titles:
  • The older version of this doc was titled "An American Family of a Different Tradition." It was updated in 2006 and renamed Goin' Home to My Second Home. In 2008, Stacy returned to Corsicana to film a "ringing of the bell" sequence which included the naming of one of the core group who passed away. Sadly to say, W.O. "Mike" Johnson left us June 14th, 2007 and will be greatly missed. Please click on the title above to read more on the film's background thus far.
  • In the meantime, until the film can be completed, please feel free to screen the 5-minute trailer called The State Orphans Home Trailer posted below. All comments and suggestions are appreciated; let us know what you think by sending an email to Stacy.
  • The Mansfield short film was accepted into the KidsFirst.Org Traveling Film Festival for the 3rd Quarter (July 15 - October 15 of 2006) and received their very respectable "Two-Star Rating Endorsement." 
  • Click on the player below (Depending on the speed of your browser, it may take awhile to load)
    Screenplays available on links below:

Waiting for Jerry (screenplay PDF available to read - Click on title to go to Waiting for Jerry page.)

Here's what you can expect from the Viewing Room in the future!

Viewing Clips; Free Screenplays in pdf; secret portals that lead you to other things such as full story outlines; "behind the scenes" production info, pictures from the projects/research/archives and alot more filmmaking stuff.

There will also be new sections added as well:Film Props for Sale and/or the production items may be offered via auction (depending on the type of production).  When you purchase an item from an Ethnofilms project,you will be guaranteed of its authenticity.  This may prove to be of value in the future.  More importantly, you will be helping an independent filmmaker recoup some of the production costs and indirectly assist in the funding costs of the next project.

About purchasing Ethnofilms projects:


First, there will be the offer of Special Edition Films (DVD or VHS) as part of an initial "Ethnofilms Collectors Edition" and only available for a limited time and quantity.  You will receive a REPLICATED DVD - more costly to make than the usual DUPE and the best quality available of the work.  Every Collectors Edition DVD additionally will come with a FREE Dupe of the film for you to play and/or share so you can save your keepsake for years to come. There will also be ETHNOFILMS CUSTOM SCREENPLAYS based on your specifications and printed on archival paper.  These screenplays (if applicable) will have the autographs of the real people whom some of the main characters are based on.  Depending on the work, there will be historical photographs, maps of the real places, and other paraphernalia that should help to increase the value of your investment over time.  Like the Film Collectors Editions, the Collectors Editions Custom Screenplays will be offered in limited quantity for a limited time and will come with a free screenplay copy so you may read it and protect your collectors editions investment from any damage. You may have already figured these things won't be cheap.  But make no mistake, these will be valuable one day.  If you desire to make a donation in addition to your collectors edition purchase, it will be handled as a donation to the filmmakers next project and a "special thanks" film credit will be given for your generosity and support.

 Can't wait? Ethnofilms now.  Put "Collectors Editions Inquiry" in the subject heading and I'll email the details of how the process will work to you right away. Can't afford the Collectors Editions?  After the initial FREE VIEWING period is over, all films & scripts will be available for sale at competitive market prices just not the special collectors editions.


Casting notices will be posted for Ethnofilms productions here for actors, crew, behind the scenes administrative support opportunities, and others interested in being involved in volunteering their talents, skills, services, funds, and essentially being a part of helping to make Ethnofilms a full fledged production company. Yes, I need the support of a dedicated community that desires to make it all happen!  When it does, Ethnofilms in turn will support its community! 

E-mail Stacy with the role you'd like to play.

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