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  "Goin' Home - to My Second Home"

previously titled: American Family of a Different Tradition

This 51 minute work-in-progress documentary is an "oral history ethnographic film" shot in June of 2004, 2005 and 2008 of a man who reunites with his orphan family (class of 1938) in Corsicana, Texas.  The latest installment has transformed and replaced the original film creating the need for its new title.

It was purposely shot in the tradition of the cinéma vérité style.  A true "ritual of discovery" for not only the subjects in the film,or the filmmakers but most oustandingly, for the audience who watches. It is an attempt to allow the viewer to witness all events without the interference of the filmmakers on the subjects and to be assured that everything they're seeing is 100% real.  No actors, no crew, no sets,no direction, and a minimal amount of post production editing in order to deliver to all a feeling of "being there." ("ritual of discovery" was used by Robert Flaherty for uncontrolled nonselective filmmaking; see Mamber, Stephen.  Cinema Verite in America).

The ethnographic version is being adapted into a new doc with a sound track that is composed of a "musical interpretation of events."

(see also "Second Home - Second to None" below for another dimension to this story)

  The Life and Writings of Katherine Mansfield

 This 10 minute bio-documentary short is on the New Zealand short story writer Katherine Mansfield.  It is a capsule of her life and features a screenplay adaptation of her classic short story, Miss Brill. 

(The doc was selected by KidsFirst Org 3rd Quarter Traveling Film Festival 2006. It also received their "Two -Star Endorsement "(out of a possible three). Ethnofilms has plans to develop the short into a full-length documentary (production funding is needed). Stacy is also writing a feature screenplay on Mansfield's life.  (It will be posted here when completed.)

 Also note: the short documentary is part of Ethnofilms ongoing "literature on film" series.

  Waiting for Jerry 

The feature screenplay is based on a true story of a singer/songwriter/musician who once partied all night with the Grateful Dead. It is a rare but authentic real life adventure taken by a young woman who embarks on a "mission"and enters this strange, nearly mythological world of one of America's greatest bands in popular culture history. It is an experience that will change her life forever. 

(Waiting for Jerry placed in the semi-finalist category of the FirstGlance Films Hollywood 2005 screenwriting competition.)

  Second Home - Second to None

  The feature screenplay is based on a true story of an orphan's coming of age during the Great Depression.

 The Ethnofilms documentary "An American Family of a Different Tradition" features the real life people that the fictional characters and events are based on. 

(Second Home's screenplay placed in the "Second Rounder" division of the Austin Film Festival in 2004 Befittingly, I suppose.)

  Third Time's a Charm

This feature script is a historically based true life story of a man who flew in the Great War with America's greatest flying ace, Eddie Rickenbacker.  Its theme follows this unknown hero's journey through some of America's best and worst of times.

 (Those who have read the script have referred to it as the "Forrest Gump of WWI")

  - more to come -

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