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Other Space  
Ethnofilms Other Space page serves as a posting page for all those other things regarding the making of films but I'm not too sure of their purpose and initially seems, let's be honest, way too much work.
If you want to know this behind the scenes stuff, I'm happy to make it available.  But you'll have to let me know or most likely I'll never get around to doing it. So what kind of stuff am I referring to? Well stuff like what is listed below.

Music could be broken out and listed for the individual Ethnofilms movies; the song specifics, sources of the original recordings, and links to where they can be purchased.

How the costumes were conceived and made; the script breakdown/revisions; the sets' designs; movie props; editing discussions (including posting the actual EDL), etc. I usually keep all that stuff for tax purposes and a walk down memory lane :-)
My thought is that this kind of detail will probably best suit film students and those who want to know all the nerdy "how it was done" tech stuff.

Film Links:

(above "Film links" to come)
Then how about all those essentially...
Other Links:


in the works...

(more to me yours if you'd like me to post it here and I'll check it out)
 Or even more "not important" answers to your questions like... how did you get started doing...?; how much did it cost to make that...?: why did you do it that way?; etc.
 Just email me asking whatever and I will eventually get around to posting it here. Thanks.