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...just received notice of being a...

2016 Official Selection at AOF Festival (Action on Film)

The festival takes place the first week of September in Monrovia, CA

(Pasadena area of Los Angeles).


Erkermer is an AOF Official Selection

Nominations are forthcoming! (Keep your fingers crossed)

Regardless, it's an amazing honor to be recognized by such a prestigious festival.



(updated 8/14//2016)




...scored on the Hot 100 Screenplays!

in the 2016

Erkermer is 2016 Hot 100 Screenplays

It is a select list of screenplays distributed to buyers and financiers around the world of the most interesting scripts for investment. Let's hope one day soon, Stacy will be contacted and Erk will make it to the big screen.

You can find Erkermer listed on the link below:

under Capital Fund 2016 Hot 100 winners list at #51.






has finally received the coveted award as a

Best Drama Screenplay

at the 2016 GO West Fest that took place in

Oakhurst CA.

Erkermer is Best Drama at GO West 2016

(Guess this means after 26 years, Stacy is finally an "Award-Winning Screenwriter")

(Now let's go make this film!)


(updated 7/23//2016)



Stacy's latest screenplay "Erkermer" was chosen as a

"NOVA Fest Official Selection" for the 2016 competition!



Albeit, an honor in itself, Erkermer was also nominated for...

...not one... not two... but... three (!)...

... different screenplay award categories! ;-)


Erkermer NOVA Nomination in 3 categories 

Erkermer received Screenplay Award Nominations for:

Best Drama

Best Comedy

Best Action Adventure


The awards ceremony was April 30th, 2016

(in Falls Church, Virginia)


And now, drum roll... the results are in.


Erkermer received two honors of being a "Runner-up"

in both categories of the

Best Comedy and Best Action Adventure!



(updated 5/2//2016)



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